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  •   When I was living in Glendale, this was a great place to go near by and get fine gold and silver jewelry. Their prices are always "market price" but they try to give a small discount always if asked. When in a hurry, this place is reliable to find something fast. There are about 10-12 different vendors under the same roof. Bring cash to get a little bigger discount. Most of them wouldn't hurt if they dropped their sad attitude so I usually buy from the happy and most helpful ones.

    thumb Christine H.
  •   Forget chain jewelry stores or the mall.  Glendale Jewelry Mart is your only stop for affordable gifts and last minute gold.  Multiple vendors and plenty of options.  There is something for everyone here....

    thumb Mike N.
  •   I did no price comparison, so the review if purely for speed and quality of services. My engagement ring is a family heirloom and need to be sized up and there was a weird clasp on it that I wanted to get rid of. So he had to replace part of the band. It all took under two hours. So wonderful!

    thumb Miranda M.
  •   i got my hubby a very nice ring. He is going to love it!
    I forget the name of the jeweler but she was so nice. And before I bought she offered me a great deal due to all the other competition lol!
    this place is a win-win in all honestly. Plus they can re-size, polish, fix watches, and do anything else to your jewelry right there in the building and on the spot. They resized my ring and polished it in less than 30 minutes- honestly.
    I loved this place and the next, next pay day....... I will be back.

    thumb Shai E.
  •   RAFIK JEWELLERY BOOTH #D3 : HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Long time customer & would not go anywhere else. Prices & the quality are unbeatable, professionals & so much verity to choose from. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

    thumb Rita T.
  •   Great variety, moderate prices but if you look closely you can find the same item with different "vendors" for slightly cheaper price. Not so fond of salesy-pushy techniques that are being used here. You go and you are just checking out what trey got and next thing you know some angry looking woman with 10 coats of makeup on her face brings you all kinds of items and won't leave you alone while promoting the new arrivals. If I need help, I ask!if I don't then plz shut up!

    thumb Inga B.
  •   I have been looking for a place to resize my silver ring 3 sizes for a while! After many high prices, and even people saying they can't do it *at all* this place did it at such a GREAT price and it only took 20 minutes! I was so happy to wear my ring, I have been wanting to wear it for at least a year and in one morning got it sized and fits beautifully with no damage at all! And for so cheap! ....the deal was so good that I was nervous - and everything turned out great!!! highly recommended!!!

    thumb jenna m.
  •   They were helpful efficient trustworthy and professional. I had called several places in the san gabriel valley (pasadena, monrovia, arcadia) and no one would size a few rings for me while I waited.  LOVE THIS PLACE

    thumb Jeannette I.

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